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How To Correctly Set Your Caravan’s Tyre Pressure

Maintaining the correct inflation pressure in your caravan wheels will maximise the lifespan of the tyres, reduce shock to the caravan and improve towing stability. Generally, over-inflated tyres have a higher chance of puncturing, transfer more vibration and shock to the caravan and the bouncing effect can cause instability and sway while towing. Under-Inflated tyres may also result in instability and the additional load on the sidewalls of the tyres can cause them to de-laminated or bulge.

Keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure by using this tyre pressure calculator and by following the instructions below.

Check the sidewall of the tyres for the cold Inflation Pressure at Maximum Load (either kPa or psi) and the Maximum Tyre Load Rating (kg). Always use the “SINGLE” load and pressure ratings.

  • (weight over the wheels of the caravan)

We recommend you check that the calculated tyre inflation pressure is correct. Do this by inflating the tyres to the calculated tyre pressure at cold temperature (caravan should not have been used for at least 2 hours). Then tow the caravan loaded to the weight used in the calculation for 100km (preferably highway driving to get heat into the tyres) and then measure the actual tyre pressure immediately after stopping. This will give you the hot inflation pressure. The hot reading will be 6psi (42kPa) warmer than the cold reading if the inflation temperature is correct. IF the hot pressure is more than 6psi the cold pressure, the tyre inflation pressure is too low, so inflation pressure needs to be increased. If the hot pressure is less than 6psi the cold pressure, the tyre inflation pressure is too high, so inflation pressure needs to be decreased.