G&S Chassis design and manufacture an extensive range of caravan chassis to suit customer needs. These range from our conventional off-the-shelf chassis designs, to units custom designed and manufactured for individual applications. All chassis are fully compliant with Australian Design Rules and industry codes of practice.

Steel chassis are available in either painted or galvanised finish. A notable innovation is the new, lighter-weight, tested and certified aluminium chassis.

Our chassis feature:

  • Patented drawbar reinforcement under drawbar, adding strength and fatigue resistance without compromising weight
  • A-frame reinforcement adds significantly to the strength and fatigue resistance of the A-frame
  • Strong, uniquely designed safety chain attachment
  • Fold up A-frame available to provide significant reduction in space required for storage
  • Optional hollow channel crossmember design available

Aluminium Chassis

Weight saving of up to 150 kg over comparable steel chassis

Patented reinforcement under A-Frame. Available on steel and aluminium chassis.

Custom Made Chassis

Made to your specifications